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Service Code of Excellence

Be Responsive: The front line is the bottom line. Prove that we deliver above and beyond expectations!

Be Positive: Smile, they can hear it in your voice. Be conscious of the difference between "onstage" and "backstage".  

Be Professional: Treat customers and coworkers the way you want to be treated. Be friendly, but always be professional.  

Be Prepared: Educate yourself on the industry, our capabilities and utilize all of our company assets. Ensure you have all of the tools to assist the customer as a single service provider.

Listen: Really hear what the customer's needs are. Be open-minded with customers and coworkers.

Follow Up: Take ownership to make sure things get done internally. Follow up with the customer to make sure they have everything they need. Thank customers and stay in touch. Exceptional service is never forgotten.

Stay Focused: Prioritize: Separate the urgent from the important.

Exceed Expectations: Get the facts before setting expectations. Do not set deadlines you cannot keep.

Meet Deadlines: Use calendars, computer and or other tools.

Safety: Do our part to ensure safety compliance.

Be Creative: Think outside the box. We cannot solve challenges at the same level of thinking at which the challenge was created.

Serve Internal Customers: Our sales, operations, regulatory compliance and safety professionals are also our customers.

Never Be Afraid of Change: A few caring people can change the world our customers live in. If we do not change, we do not grow.