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US Ecology is dedicated to the economic and environmental well-being of our communities across North America by providing a variety of important services. Our services support local companies and organizations in the energy production, manufacturing, retail, education, and research industries as well as municipalities, state and federal government. US Ecology offers these organizations cost effective, safe, and environmentally-sound options for managing, recycling and disposing of waste that arises as by product from industrial and production processes and other important activities that are vital to our economy and standard of living.

US Ecology is one of the few companies permitted by state and federal regulators to treat, recycle, and dispose of a wide variety of hazardous wastes, PCB’s, non-hazardous and low-activity radioactive waste. Our state of the art facilities located across North America are designed to safely and responsibly manage such wastes while our personnel are equipped with the latest technology, tools, and training to effectively perform their jobs. 

Our local communities also benefit from Household Hazardous Waste events designed to facilitate residents and small businesses in the disposal of everyday products not safe for ordinary landfills, Emergency Response services that aid in cleanup and natural disaster relief support, and Lab Packing services which assist in the proper handling and disposal of chemicals used in schools and universities. US Ecology’s extensive line of services help keep our surrounding communities safe while protecting the environment.

For more information on these and other community matters please feel free to contact us.

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