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US Ecology provides comprehensive environmental service solutions to our customers in the education field.  From lab packing of out of date chemicals in school laboratories to emergency response capabilities in your schools, US Ecology is a single source for all your environmental needs.  We will work with you to address your specific lab chemical disposal issues and ensure the most cost-effective, efficient and compliant approach to meet your sustainability goals.  US Ecology works with primary and secondary education facilities as well as colleges and universities nationwide.  Let US Ecology handle the environmental issues your school faces so you can focus on running your organization.

Lab Pack Services:

US Ecology Lab Packing and Small Quantity Chemical Management Services respond to environmental concerns with an efficient and professional approach.  All US Ecology field chemists are fully trained and certified and have the knowledge and experience to complete lab pack projects in a safe and cost effective manner.  This service is a time saving and cost-effective option for disposal of unneeded, out-of-date or unknown chemicals. US Ecology's lab pack services for colleges and schools offer protection from costly and dangerous waste handling mistakes.  Learn More.

Emergency Response:  

US Ecology’s Emergency Response Division offers our customers nationwide spill response and management programs.  Our ER team is staffed with trained, experienced professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.  We operate with an extensive fleet of specialized equipment and materials to handle spills of all levels and types, allowing us to manage your emergency spills cost effectively, professionally and efficiently.  We can assist you in determining the best method for handling your waste streams through our disposal sites that offer treatment, disposal and recycling options. Learn More.

Universal Waste:  

Mail Back Program: With ideas for a greener tomorrow, US Ecology leads the way.  Introducing US Ecology Sustainable Solutions, featuring our Pack Back Recycling Program.  This program is the answer for safe and compliant handling and recycling of all your universal wastes.  Learn More.

Pick-Up Program:  US Ecology offers recycling solutions for all of your universal waste.  Utilizing our extensive network of transportation routes linking our facilities, we are able to efficiently and cost effectively pick up and handle your universal waste in accordance with all regulatory guidelines required by state and federal authorities.  Learn More.

Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance:  

Our industrial cleaning and maintenance group operates with a fully trained and experienced staff, utilizing an extensive fleet of specialized equipment and materials.  We can manage all levels and types of industrial cleaning projects efficiently and professionally.  US Ecology can determine the best method for handling all your waste streams through our treatment, disposal and recycling facilities. Learn More.

For more information about our lab pack, emergency response, universal waste and industrial cleaning and maintenance solutions for the education industry, contact us. 

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