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US Ecology provides Engineering and Consulting Firms with a comprehensive menu of environmental services including environmental remediation services, waste transportation, treatment and disposal, video inspection services and emergency response capabilities.

We routinely manage our customers’ remediation projects from start to finish and offer the only integrated environmental services and disposal package in the industry.  Our project managers, construction managers, engineers and a variety of environmental professionals are supported by the comprehensive services capabilities that US Ecology offers.  Excavation, transportation, disposal – even construction management – US Ecology can do it all.  

The oversight of a remedial project requires skill and experience. Our streamlined strategy manages your project through a single source, so you are protected during every step of the process. It is a full service approach, providing total project management from inception to completion. We utilize the latest technologies and strategies to ensure your project is completed within budget, following regulatory compliance and health and safety practices. US Ecology has successfully completed many projects of varying size including: USEPA Superfund clean up, landfill cap and closures, plant decommissioning, on-site soil excavation and remediation, Brownfield development and cost-cap policies for multi-party sites.  

US Ecology’s Environmental Remediation and Contracting Services include:

  • Soil and groundwater remediation system installation
  • Operation and maintenance services
  • In-situ treatment Excavation Solidification/dewatering
  • Leachate and stormwater systems
  • Landfill construction services - closure and capping
  • Facility decontamination/decommissioning
  • Transportation, recycling, treatment and disposal
  • Site restoration
  • Landfill operations and management
  • UST removal
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Constructability review  

US Ecology also offers an innovative approach to remediation through our Environmental Liability Transfer program. We can manage environmental liabilities by transferring some or all of a customer's environmental liabilities to US Ecology. We understand that experienced public relations, far-sighted decision making and financial strength are all critical components of managing environmental liabilities. US Ecology has these capabilities.   

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