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US Ecology provides comprehensive waste management solutions to our customers in the Steel, Plating, and Metal Finishing Industries.  US Ecology has the flexibility to tailor our services to meet your specific environmental needs including the following services:  

Delisting Treatment:

A significant benefit that US Ecology offers our customers in the Steel, Plating and Metal Finishing industries is our delisting treatment process.  This process converts hazardous inorganic wastes into non-hazardous, delisted residuals.  As a result, our customers’ RCRA hazardous waste liabilities are eliminated and other long-term risks associated with disposal are minimized.  Learn More.


US Ecology’s extensive fleet of vehicles enables us to manage your waste from the point of generation all the way to final disposition, minimizing your cost and liability.  US Ecology is a licensed waste hauler in nearly every state, transporting volumes from small lab packs to bulk solids and liquids.  Additionally, US Ecology has rail car management capabilities, including rail-to-truck and truck-to-rail transfer, at our sites as well as customer locations.  Our fleet includes everything from tanker trucks to box vans to roll-off trucks.  This equipment enables US Ecology easily manage all types of customer waste. Learn More. 

Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance:

Our industrial cleaning and maintenance group operates with a fully trained and experienced staff, utilizing an extensive fleet of specialized equipment and materials.  We can manage all levels and types of industrial cleaning projects efficiently and professionally.  US Ecology can determine the best method for handling all your waste streams through our treatment, disposal and recycling facilities. Learn More.

Emergency Response:

US Ecology’s Emergency Response Division offers our customers nationwide spill response and management programs.  Our ER team is staffed with trained, experienced professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.  We operate with an extensive fleet of specialized equipment and materials to handle spills of all levels and types, allowing us to manage your emergency spills cost effectively, professionally and efficiently.  We can assist you in determining the best method for handling your waste streams through our disposal sites that offer treatment, disposal and recycling options. Learn More.

Recycling Solutions:

US Ecology offers a wide variety of recycling solutions in order to meet your individual environmental goals.  Our network of facilities and service centers provide recycling services for everything from used oil to universal waste, offering our customers "zero waste" alternatives.  US Ecology can customize recycling programs to fit your specific needs while meeting regulatory requirements and helping to protect the environment. Learn More.

Total Waste Management Solutions:

US Ecology specializes in providing Total Waste Management programs that are tied to your specific environmental goals.  US Ecology has the capability to manage, track and report all of your waste streams through a single point of contact.  Annual cost and volume reduction targets are included in a written performance improvement plan to provide an objective framework to measure progress. Learn More.

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