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US Ecology Vernon is a fully permitted, certified and insured RCRA Part B hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facility. This facility recycles, treats, stores and transfers approved types of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. US Ecology Vernon offers comprehensive support services through its on-site certified laboratory, environmental health and safety staff, and highly experienced customer service and operations personnel.

Wastes (wastewater, sludges and solids) are treated by a series of chemical and physical processes that destroy or remove hazardous constituents. Various treatment methods are used to safely and compliantly manage incoming waste streams: dissolution, reduction, stabilization, filtration, oxidation, solidification, etc. The Vernon facility has a daily tank capacity of nearly one million gallons and a 400,000 gallon equivalents of container storage. This makes US Ecology Vernon well suited to handle high volume events such as production surges, plant turnaround and tank overflow events. 

US Ecology Vernon is capable of accepting wastes delivered in any quantity and various packaging from small pails to large drums, bags/boxes, bins, vacuum trucks and even rail cars. Customers are able to drop off materials for treatment at this facility, as well as materials intended for trans-shipment or bulking for outbound to other facilities in our expansive treatment and disposal network.

US Ecology Vernon maintains a certified lab permitted by the California State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water/ELAP: certificate number 2313. 

  1. Maps and Directions

    5375 S. Boyle Ave.

    Vernon, CA 90058

    Phone: (800) 266-7747

    Fax: (323) 588-0094

    EPAID# CAD097030993 (site ID)

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