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US Ecology Winnie

US Ecology Winnie offers safe, compliant and cost-effective non-hazardous industrial wastewater disposal solutions. Utilizing deep-well injection technology, the industrial disposal facility is able to service several key markets within the region: refinery, petrochemical and various environmental services customers.  

US Ecology Winnie is permitted for all Class 1 and Class 2 non-hazardous industrial waste including solids, sludges, leachate, and ammonia. It is capable of handling unlimited levels of BOD and COD material, while also offering a low cost alternative to traditional wastewater treatment options. 

Located in Winnie, Texas, this facility strengthens our Gulf Coast operations, offering our customers expanded waste treatment solutions and is an integral part of our regional network; including our 10-Day facilities in Houston, Dallas and Midland, Texas, along with our Part B TSDF located in Robstown, Texas

  1. Maps and Directions

    26400 Wilber Rd.

    Winnie, TX 77665

    Phone: (409) 794-3119

    Fax: (409) 794-1355