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NRC is the world’s largest commercial Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) and global leader in the provision of single-source comprehensive service with unmatched expertise and excellence in environmental, industrial and emergency response solutions. 

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Quail Run operates domestic wastewater treatment facilities treating wastewater generated on well site locations. A turnkey service that removes the need for permits and reduces the exposure of domestic waste to workers, further protecting the health and safety of your personnel at drilling and completions locations.

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Stablex is one of Canada's largest and best-known hazardous waste and contaminated soil disposal and treatment service provider. Using internationally recognized technology, we provide industrial clients with scientifically sound and environmentally secure waste management solutions. 

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Specialized Response Solutions (SRS) is world renowned for its expertise in handling highly hazardous substances and managing volatile emergencies such as train derailments, well and pipeline emergencies, ship fires, over-the-road incidents and industrial fires. 

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Stronger Together

We are excited to announce that US Ecology has completed its merger with NRC Group (NRCG), a national leader in comprehensive environmental, compliance and waste management services to the marine and rail transportation, general industrial and energy markets. Both US Ecology and the NRC operations (Sprint, Specialized Response Solutions, and NRC) are respected leaders in the environmental services industry, and the combination of our companies allows us to now offer turnkey solutions to meet your needs.   


The transaction, effective November 1, 2019, adds and strengthens many key service offerings for our customers and expands US Ecology’s geographic footprint with a much larger North American network of facilities. Moving forward, there is no need for you to do anything as we continue to deliver unequaled customer service through all facets of day-to-day business.  All existing contracts with NRC will be honored without interruption and your contacts will remain the same.   


You can expect significant benefits now that NRC has joined forces with US Ecology. Best in class treatment and disposal services for RCRA Subtitle C hazardous and non-hazardous waste are now available to you throughout the U.S. and Canada. We also offer industry leading recycling capabilities along with a wide range of transportation, lab pack, waste management, retail compliance, and industrial services. With over 145 locations throughout North America and across the globe, US Ecology is best positioned to continue to provide safe and compliant solutions for all your environmental needs.   


Over 145 locations throughout North America and across the globe to complete services for your company


Over 3,800 Team Members ready and willing to provide you unequaled service excellence 


Combined, US Ecology and NRC earn over $966 million in annual revenue (pro forma)

Merger Frequently Asked Questions

Will US Ecology/NRC continue business with me?

Yes, of course.  Most immediately, business will be conducted “as usual” through your current company contacts.  Our goal is to maintain the high levels of service quality that you are used to receiving from US Ecology and NRC. 

How will the new ownership structure benefit me as a Customer?

The combination will strengthen our selection of service offerings to you and continue to drive superior service for all customers of both brands. 

Will my contact at US Ecology/NRC change?

Most immediately, business will be conducted “as usual” through your current company contacts.  Any future changes would be communicated through your Sales Representative. 

What about orders that I have placed? How can I be confident that NRC will be around to fulfill its commitments to me?

All existing contracts will be honored. Joining with US Ecology will provide additional resources including experienced management in a company with a long history of dedication to this industry. We look forward to a strong and continued relationship with our customers. 

Who will manage the NRC business?

US Ecology management will manage the business with the NRC management team reporting to US Ecology leaders. 

Will any NRC services be sold through US Ecology channels?

Yes.  For information on this topic, please contact your Sales Representative 

Where should customers remit their payments?

Going forward you should continue to work with your contacts at NRC.  While NRC operations will be rebranded to US Ecology, for the foreseeable future you should continue to remit payment to the same entity using the same payment address. We will keep you informed of any changes to this plan. 

How do I get additional information?

For additional information, please contact your Sales Representative.

Supplier FAQs

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Treatment and Disposal Services

US Ecology is the leader in hazardous waste treatment and disposal. Our nationwide network of Treatment and Disposal facilities offers simple, safe and cost-effective solutions for all your waste streams. We offer the widest range of waste disposal options and waste treatment capabilities in the industry. Our advanced treatment technologies, expert customer service and superior safety practices are unmatched. 

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Recycling Services

We provide Recycling Services for everything from Aircraft Deicing Fluid to Metals Recovery. Our customized recycling programs will fit your specific needs while meeting regulatory requirements and helping to protect the environment.


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Industrial Services

Our Industrial Services group can manage all of your industrial cleaning and maintenance needs efficiently and professionally including Equipment Cleaning, Gun Range Cleaning and Marine and Terminal Services. We operate with a fully trained and experienced staff, utilizing an extensive fleet of specialized equipment and materials to handle all levels and types of jobs. We are one of the top providers in the industry and deliver exceptional service nationwide.

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Field Services

Our Field Services group provides a large variety of services designed to assist you with your day-to-day environmental management needs including Transportation, Emergency Response Services, Retail Solutions, Total Waste Management, Lab Pack and Remediation support services. Our quality Field Services will exceed your expectations and ensure safety and compliance.

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