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US Ecology's Update to e-Manifest

US Ecology representatives are continuing to prepare for the EPA’s fast-approaching e-Manifest implementation. In order to provide continued unequaled service excellence and a streamlined process, you are strongly encouraged to continue using paper manifests for your hazardous waste shipments.  Beginning June 30, 2018, US Ecology TSDFs will upload the required information and image into the EPA’s system and assess $10.00 per manifest to our customers.

US Ecology’s goal is to convert 100% of our hazardous waste shipments to fully electronic versions, eliminating the multi-copy form. Unfortunately, the EPA has not completed all of the programming and defined the requirements necessary to achieve our goal at this time. Therefore, US Ecology has chosen to continue using paper manifests in order to maintain consistency and compliance throughout the shipping of your waste. 

If you elect to utilize the fully electronic option, please contact your Customer Service Representative before shipping so we can ensure the systems are properly executing the process. 

US Ecology will continue to update information as the program continues to evolve on our website  Please contact your Customer Service Representative, or the National Customer Service Team (800-592-5489) with questions, or visit the EPA website at: 

What Can You Do Now? 

  • Register as a Site Manager.
  • You may start ordering 5-part manifests, but they will NOT be accepted prior to the June 30th implementation.  US Ecology will continue to accept the 6-part manifest until your stocks have been depleted.
  • Please check for individual state requirements.
  • Attend the EPA and State Webinars and Informational Meetings.
  • Please visit our website for continued updates as we work diligently to serve our customers. 

What is e-Manifest?

The EPA is establishing the e-Manifest, a national system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically.  US Ecology is committed to providing our customers with unequaled service excellence as we navigate through this new process. The launch is scheduled for June 30, 2018. After this date, data from all RCRA hazardous waste and state regulated shipments on Uniform Hazardous Waste manifests must be transferred to EPA’s e-Manifest system. 

The e-Manifest Act authorizes the EPA to implement an electronic manifest system with the costs to be recovered by the application of user fees. The Agency’s fees are   based on how the e-Manifest data is transferred to EPA’s system. The Agency will invoice US Ecology for each manifest received. US Ecology representatives have been involved in technical discussions with the EPA since the initial e-Manifest proposal and continue this involvement as the EPA makes enhancements to the e-Manifest system

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