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Company Collects 4.5 Millionth Mercury Switch

EQ - The Environmental Quality Company and the End of Live Vehicle Solutions (ELVS) organization partner up to ensure that mercury switches in automobiles are properly handled, creating a safer environment. EQ recently reached a milestone by collecting 4.5 million mercury switches from vehicles nationwide. This means that EQ, with the help of ELVS, has recycled over five tons of mercury.

ELVS is part of the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program (NVMSRP), and is responsible for promoting environmental efforts, outreach programs and properly managing mercury and other substances of concern. ELVS works with EQ to ensure mercury switches from automobiles are properly recycled when retired vehicles are crushed, shredded or smelted.

Through EQ, ELVS provides recyclers with storage buckets for the collection of automotive mercury switches. These buckets contain all applicable training material and necessary shipping documents. Once EQ receives the buckets, the mercury switches are properly recycled.