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Mobile Recycling Service Helps Customers Minimize Generation of Hazardous Waste

US Ecology's Mobile Recycling service offers customers a cost-effective alternative to traditional disposal and recovery programs. Our trailer mounted self contained units perform solvent distillation on-site via mobile vacuum assisted stills. These stills produce a clean, clear and recovered product that is immediately returned to operation. This on-site reclamation process greatly reduces the amount of hazardous waste generated.

US Ecology's experienced technicians arrive on site with self-contained, mobile distillation equipment. All the customer needs to provide is their waste solvents and a water source. This service offers customers a fast and efficient recovery, with processing rates from 100-400 gph and yields increase to 90%. US Ecology provides the necessary permits and all other regulatory compliance to make the process as easy as possible for customers.

The biggest appeal for mobile recycling is the cost savings. US Ecology is able to eliminate the cost of: administration, transportation and disposal, liabilities, operating, labor, safety, maintenance and permitting requirements. The final cost is lower than combined costs of water transportation, disposal and purchasing of virgin solvents. These overall savings drop through directly to bottom line profitability.

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