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On-Site Solvent Recycling

US Ecology provides a cost effective alternative to traditional disposal and recovery programs. Our mobile vacuum assisted stills handle a wide range of solvents and produce a clean, clear recovered product that is returned immediately to your operation. Our experienced technicians arrive at your site with self-contained, mobile distillation equipment — all you need to provide is your waste solvents and a water source.

Our advantages include:

  • Cost is lower than the combined costs of waste transportation, disposal and
  • purchase of virgin solvents. 
  • Fast and efficient recovery with processing rates from 100-400 gph and
  • yields up to 90%.
  • On-site and immediate control of final product quality.
  • Permits and all other regulatory compliance provided by US Ecology.
  • Assistance reviewing local regulations and permits to ensure compliance at
  • every stage of the process.

Typical Recycled Solvents:

  • Acetate/Acetone 
  • Alcohol 
  • MEK/MAK 
  • MIBK 
  • Mineral Spirits 
  • NMP 
  • Toluene 
  • Xylene

Blends and Branded Products:

  • Isopar/Varsol 
  • Nutra Clean 
  • Optisol Rotary 
  • PMA/DPM 
  • S-280 
  • Solvit 
  • Spectrawash
  • Thermaclean

US Ecology eliminates the costs of:

  • Replacement virgin solvents 
  • Transportation and disposal of spent solvents 
  • Administration 
  • Liabilities associated with transporting hazardous wastes 
  • High Initial Capital Expenses 
  • Operating, Labor, Safety, and Maintenance 
  • Permitting Requirements

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