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Invoicing Instructions

US Ecology's Terms and Conditions and contracts contain most of the invoicing instructions and information your company needs.

In addition, here are a few requirements that merit extra emphasis to US Ecology suppliers:

  • Send one invoice.
  • Handwritten changes, or carbon copies of invoices are not acceptable.
  • Duplicate invoices are not acceptable.
  • If at any time, duplicate invoice billings are identified, the duplicate invoice will be returned to you and an administrative fee will be charged to the first invoice.
  • Clearly show the Purchase Order number (and release number, if a blanket agreement) on the invoice.
  • Invoices received without a valid purchase order number (and release number, if applicable) will be returned to the supplier unpaid.
  • Provide your company or division name and indicate your unique invoice number and invoice date. The invoice number must NOT recycle within a minimum of 36 months.
  • Indicate the unit quantity shipped, unit cost, extended cost. The invoice cost must not exceed 2 decimal places to the right.
  • Indicate applicable taxes as a separate line item.
  • Indicate freight charges as a separate line item. Freight shall be "prepaid and collect" unless otherwise designated on the purchase order.
  • Clearly indicate the remit-to address.
  • Invoices must be sent directly to our Accounts Payable department at:
    Attention: Accounts Payable
    17440 College Parkway, Suite 300 
    Livonia, Michigan 48152 
    Ph: (734) 521-8000 - Fax: (734) 521-8011


    • US Ecology Boston
      Attn: Accounts Payable
      185 Industrial Rd.
      Wrentham, MA 02093
      Ph: (508) 384-6151 - Fax: (508) 384-5139
    • US Ecology Tampa
      US Ecology Augusta
      US Ecology Mt. Airy
      US Ecology Tulsa

      Attn: Accounts Payable
      7202 E. 8th St.
      Tampa, FL 33619
      Ph: (813) 623-5302 - Fax: (813) 626-7451
    • US Ecology Canton
      US Ecology York
      US Ecology Chicago

      Attn: Accounts Payable
      2050 Central Ave. SE
      Canton, OH 44707
      Ph: (330) 456-6238 x201 - Fax: (330) 456-2801

Invoices shall not be sent to the shipping address(es). It will slow down or possibly negate payment of the invoice.

Failure to comply with one or more of the above requirements may result in delay of payment and/or an administrative fee of $100. For further information, see Non-compliance of Supplier Requirements.