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Supplier Requirements

Briefly, supplier respect of and adherence to the basic requirements of US Ecology's supplier base will help garner your place as an US Ecology preferred supplier:

Product Quality

The quality of suppliers' goods and services is not negotiable. Suppliers are obligated to provide only products that conform to US Ecology's strict specifications. US Ecology's demand for quality products is an essential supporting element of US Ecology's position as a premier provider of quality environmental services.

New Product/Technologies

US Ecology encourages and expects suppliers to introduce new ideas, products, and technologies to US Ecology. Through this creativity, US Ecology is able to offer the customer a more advanced service. This premise is a foundation to our long-term supplier relationships.

Value Analysis

Our suppliers, both prospective and current, are encouraged to provide direction to US Ecology on value analysis opportunities aimed at enhancing US Ecology's position in the marketplace.


US Ecology desires multi-year agreements that provide an assurance of continuous business. Our preferred suppliers are consequently well positioned to develop long term strategic plans for their business. In exchange for volume consideration and long-term agreements, we expect our suppliers to commit to stable pricing and annual price reductions over the term of our agreement. When necessary, any proposed price increases are to be presented for review 60 days prior to the effective date of change. Of course, price increases are to be substantiated and "earned" by our suppliers preceding performance.

Product Delivery

Lead-time for orders shall be agreed on between US Ecology and our supplier. Proposed changes in promised delivery dates require US Ecology buyer approval.


Information of any nature provided to a supplier shall be held in strictest confidence. Suppliers confidentiality is an essential supporting element of US Ecology's leadership position as a provider of premier environmental services.

Supplier Visits

US Ecology requests our suppliers to meet with their assigned US Ecology buyer at least annually to review goods and services supplied. Pre-arranged visits can be set up with your assigned US Ecology buyer.

US Ecology Terms and Conditions and US Ecology Boilerplate Contracts

Us Ecology has compiled reasonable sets of Terms and Conditions given today's highly competitive marketplace. Although sensitive to supplier's concerns, US Ecology simply does not have the resources to negotiate changes to the Terms and Conditions and boilerplate contracts.

Environmental, Health and Safety

Contractors play an important role in US Ecology's environmental, health and safety programs. US Ecology has established environmental health and safety (EHS) requirements that apply to all projects, processes and operations. Suppliers chosen to perform work on behalf of US Ecology are expected (i) to fully comply with all applicable laws, regulatory requirements, and (ii) to follow US Ecology's EHS requirements. This approach ensures that US Ecology's operations meet all local, state and federal legislative requirements, and at the same time provides a set of best practices for suppliers to follow in all circumstances.

Suppliers as Customers

US Ecology is a fully integrated environmental services organization, offering the ranges of services listed to the right. Suppliers will benefit from implementing US Ecology environmental solutions at their business(es) for a productive two-way supplier/ customer partnership. The US Ecology Purchasing Department can put you in touch with a member of the US Ecology Sales team who can work closely with you to establish your firm as an US Ecology customer.