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Supplier Supported Pricing

These 5 points are designed to provide ideas to suppliers to maximize sales of your product line to US Ecology.

Volume Rebates

US Ecology encourages suppliers to offer volume rebate programs as an incentive in supplier selection. Current volume rebate programs 1) earn rebates upon US Ecology's achievement of a pre-determined annual spend amount, or a percentage increase over the previous year's purchases and 2) have a set schedule for the supplier's rebate to US Ecology, e.g. not greater than 60 days from year end.

Discounted Prices

US Ecology encourages suppliers to offer discounted prices as an incentive in supplier selection, for individual Purchase Orders and multiple release blanket agreements.

Multi-Year Agreements

US Ecology encourages suppliers to offer multi-year agreements that provide an assurance of continuous business. In exchange for volume consideration and long-term agreements, we expect our suppliers to commit to stable reduced pricing.

Discounted Payment Terms

Suppliers are encouraged to offer discounted payment terms - which US Ecology is willing to consider if an adequate additional discount is offered.

Value Analysis

Our suppliers, both prospective and current, are encouraged to provide direction to US Ecology on value analysis opportunities aimed at enhancing US Ecology's position in the marketplace.