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PFAS Waste Management Solutions

US Ecology is committed to being a valuable resource in the development of safe and compliant disposal solutions that protect human health and the environment.  Per- and Polyfluoroalky substances (PFAS) have been produced in the US since the 1940s and are used in a wide variety of products and applications.  PFAS are persistent in the environment and resistant to environmental degradation.  The potential bioaccumulation of PFAS is a concern and EPA considers PFAS to be emerging contaminants.  

Examples of PFAS waste:

  • Contaminated soils, sludges, and liquids
  • Firefighting foam impacted areas and AFFF concentrate
  • Filter cake and water treatment media 
  • Landfill leachate 
  • Industrial by-products from plating, finishing, manufacturing and other sectors

US Ecology’s experts are working closely with regulators to define programs to protect the environment uniquely enabling us to assist you.  With premier capabilities, 65 years of environmental service experience, and locations across the North America we stand ready to support your PFAS needs. US Ecology provides safe, viable and permanent disposal options.  Our RCRA, Subtitle-C TSDFs are designed and constructed to safely manage and dispose your PFAS wastes.  We have landfill disposal options capable of meeting all water quality standards set by local POTWs.

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