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Radioactive Services and Disposal

US Ecology draws from over 60 years of radioactive waste disposal experience to support our customer’s needs. We pioneered low-activity radioactive waste disposal at non-licensed waste disposal facilities enabling us to manage  NORM/TENORM and exempt  by product materials in support of energy production activities and various cleanup and remediation projects across the country. This service is available at many of our landfill locations.

Additionally, US Ecology’s Richland, Washington location operates one of only two full-service Class A, B, and C low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities in the nation. LLRW disposal services include:

  • Class A, B, and C Low-Level Radioactive Waste
  • Mixed LLRW treated to Non-Hazardous levels
  • Radium/beryllium and other sealed sources
  • High activity radium waste  

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