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Hydrocarbon Recycling Services

Patented Thermal Desorption technology delivers cost effective recycling to refineries and other customers for wastes containing hydrocarbons, including:

  • Petroleum wastes
  • Gasoline wastes
  • Metal catalysts
  • Non-chlorinated solvents
  • Tank bottoms and sludges
  • Sewer sludges
  • Bundle sludges
  • Refinery K and F- listed wastes
  • Petroleum based paint wastes

Why choose US Ecology’s Hydrocarbon Recycling Services?

  • Proven track record, including over a decade of thermal desorption experience
  • Cost-effective alternative to incineration
  • Beneficial re-use of materials traditionally disposed
  • Qualifies for recycling credit
  • On-site laboratory expedites wastes profile approvals
  • On-site treatment/disposal of residuals included
  • NESHAP compliant
  • Turnkey transportation solutions via truck or rail  

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