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Metals Recovery Services

 US Ecology’s Metals Recycling Services recover and reclaim valuable metal residues from selected waste streams providing a sustainable alternative to traditional disposal methods. US Ecology’s recycling technologies economically recover metals resulting in a significant benefit to the environment as well as our customers in the plating, metals resurfacing, and other industries generating metals waste streams.

We operate under an EPA variance that classifies us as a waste recycler, enabling us to recycle plating by-products that otherwise would have required landfill disposal. Our Metals Recycling Services reclaim by-products containing copper, cobalt, nickel, zinc, and tin as well as precious metal filter cakes, spent plating solutions, sludges, residues and grindings. 

US Ecology works with a network of smelters, refiners and other recycling operations to assure the best ultimate outlet for your material.  Selective precipitation processes are used to recover the following metals: nickel, copper, zinc, palladium, platinum, cobalt and tin. 

Backed by US Ecology’s national footprint of premier waste disposal facilities and 65+ years of environmental expertise, our team of dedicated professionals is ready to support you now.  Call us at 800-592-5489 or request a free consultation to learn more now.

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