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NMP Recycling

US Ecology Resource Recovery offers a recycling program to manage spent N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone, a solvent in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process. US Ecology Resource Recovery markets and redistributes recycled NMP once the solvent is reclaimed. NMP is used to dissolve and transport Nickel, Magnesium and Cobalt (NMC) powder. US Ecology receives the by-product NMP in bulk from the manufacturers and distills it into virgin grade NMP.

US Ecology is able to provide tank telemetry monitoring and volume tracking to automate pick-up. Our professionally trained drivers are available 24-hours a day to better meet the customers needs.

Key Benefits of US Ecology's Spent NMP Solutions Program Include:

  • Tolling Services
  • In-plant Management
  • On-site Distillation Services
  • R&D and Quality Control Experts
  • Tank Telemetry Monitoring
  • Waste Pick-up

US Ecology has the ability to buy spent NMP, offer tolling and provide on-site distillation services by utilizing our R&D and quality control expertise. US Ecology also offers total in-plant management of all waste streams including zero landfill solutions.


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