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Thermal Recycling Services

US Ecology's Thermal Desorption Services offer a unique recycling solution to any market sector that generates recoverable organic waste. Building off of nine years of success recycling organic refinery waste, the facility's Subpart-X permit enables USE to operate as a Verified Recycler making customers' waste streams potentially eligible for exemption from RCRA status while lowering their liability and cost. US Ecology's Thermal Desorption Services have also been featured in BIC Magazine!

Managing recoverable organic waste streams

US Ecology's Thermal Desporption Unit (TDU) is capable of managing organic bearing liquids, sludges, solids and other wastes generated by petroleum, petrochemical and manufacturing processes. Our customers can benefit from this technology as a more sustainable and cost-effective solution than incineration and other management methods. USE's TDU also manages several types of refinery waste, including:

  • Petroleum wastes
  • Gasoline wastes
  • Metal catalysts
  • Non-chlorinated solvents
  • Tank bottoms and sludges
  • Sewer sludges
  • Bundle sludges
  • K and F- listed wastes
  • Petroleum based paint wastes

Why choose US Ecology’s Thermal Recycling Services?

  • Proven track record, including over a decade of thermal desorption experience
  • Services multiple business sectors including refinery, manufacturing organic bearing waste generators.
  • Cost-effective alternative to incineration
  • Beneficial re-use of materials traditionally disposed
  • On-site laboratory expedites wastes profile approvals
  • On-site treatment/disposal of residuals included
  • NESHAP compliant
  • Turnkey transportation solutions via truck or rail  

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