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Emergency Response

US Ecology provides Emergency Response services with 24/7/365 rapid deployment of experienced & certified experts and specialized equipment throughout North America to respond to any spill, natural disaster, or accident. 

Our Emergency Response services are also fully integrated with our industrial services, remediation, transport, treatment & disposal services providing the convenience and reduced risk of working with one trusted partner.

We provide customers with peace of mind from knowing US Ecology has the financial and operational strength to reliably get the job done and reduce your liability.

US Ecology provides confidence that compliance reporting is handled effectively based on integrated regulatory reporting and closure documentation 

US Ecology has the resources to handle your emergency spill from start to finish including:

  • Spill, accident, and disaster response
  • On-site cleanup activities
  • Waste profiling
  • Waste analysis
  • Transportation
  • Treatment and disposal
  • Spill reports  


  • Questions about our ER services: (800) 590-5220
  • Emergency response number: (800) 839-3975

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