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Household Hazardous Waste

US Ecology offers household hazardous waste collection services on behalf of numerous municipalities across the country.  We provide off-loading of materials from citizens' cars, segregation of waste materials, lab packing or bulking of waste materials, labeling, manifesting, waste profiling, transportation, treatment, recycling and disposal.  US Ecology provides all personnel, materials and equipment, including personal protective equipment and health and safety equipment to complete the collection.  US Ecology also provides site clean up after the event.

At these events, US Ecology accepts a broad range of recyclable traditional materials such as paper, plastic, glass, cardboard and electronic waste comprised of computer and television monitors and cell phones.  Other non-traditional items that are collected include freon containing appliances, scrap tires, motor oil and materials such as cleaning supplies, oil based paints, pesticides and fertilizers, mercury thermometers and fluorescent light bulbs.   

US Ecology’s HHW program gives residents an opportunity to recycle items not typically accepted by traditional curbside residential pick-up services.


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