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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal and Management

Environmental regulatory agencies have a renewed focus on proper pharmaceutical waste disposal.  Recent scientific studies have also suggested that the effect that pharmaceutical products have on our environment have become a top concern for consumers.  

US Ecology offers solutions to help you with all pharmaceutical waste disposal and management. This is done through a compliant, cost effective solution and helps meet your sustainability goals.

We have the unique ability to manage your non-hazardous and hazardous pharmaceutical waste streams. 

Non-hazardous and hazardous pharmaceutical waste disposal can easily be managed through US Ecology’s Segregated Waste Program.  Containers of pharmaceutical waste can be picked up at the same time that general hazardous material waste is picked up.  We can classify your pharmaceutical waste utilizing our expertise and technology in the same way as hazardous material waste classification.

Most importantly, this entire program is done in full compliance with documenting, shipping, handling and tracking federal and state regulatory requirements.

Contact us to learn about all the convenient pharmaceutical waste services US Ecology offers our customers in the Retail, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries.


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