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Retail Waste Solutions

The current regulatory environment requires that retailers comply with specific environmental regulations that were traditionally focused on the manufacturing sector.  At the same time, the environmental sustainability movement has become a large influence on customers and their shopping practices.  US Ecology can help you comply with these applicable environmental regulations and meet your sustainability goals through recycling and other waste handling methods for disposal of consumer products and more. 

Data Interface:

US Ecology’s in-house information technology department manages the data portion of our Retail Waste Solutions program through sophisticated proprietary software. The system is designed for both US Ecology and our customers to manage and monitor all services provided.

Our real-time online data platform is available for you to use as an important environmental compliance reporting tool required by federal and state agencies. Our customers are able to view waste volume data down to the store level, track waste profiles, examine manifests and view invoices online.

US Ecology’s secure IT system exports data easily, allowing a seamless integration with your current data system. Characterization and classification information can be uploaded into your IT system or accessed via the Web. US Ecology’s system can also be linked to a user-friendly UPC product scanner, so that all pertinent information is quickly and readily available.

Upon waste pick-up at a store, US Ecology’s hazardous material technicians are linked to our data system through tablet PCs using wireless technology. This allows for real-time data upload, easy printing of manifests, effective trip scheduling and practically eliminates the potential for error.

Universal Waste:

As retail stores replace electronic equipment, US Ecology offers retail product disposal and recycling solutions with a customized approach.  Following all regulatory guidelines required by state and federal authorities, our fully trained and experienced staff will safely recycle and dispose of electric lamps, batteries, computers, servers, and other electronic waste through a mail-back or pick-up program to ensure retail hazardous waste compliance.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Waste:

Environmental regulatory agencies have had a renewed focus on the disposal of pharmaceutical and medical waste.  US Ecology offers management solutions of all these wastes for our retail customers, through a mail-back or pick-up program. 

Emergency Response:

US Ecology's Emergency Response Division offers our customers nationwide spill response and management programs.  Our Emergency Response Team is staffed with trained, experienced professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.  We operate with an extensive fleet of specialized equipment and materials to handle spills of all levels and types, allowing us to manage your emergency spills cost effectively, professionally and efficiently.  We can assist you in determining the best method for handling your waste streams through our disposal sites that offer treatment, disposal and recycling options.


US Ecology has an extensive network of less-than-truckload routes linking our facilities.  Our LTL container management program is designed to provide a value added service to our customers who have less-than-truckload drum and other container quantities.  US Ecology's professional staff can effectively assist you with profiling waste streams, creating manifests and LDR's and coordinating transportation to ensure retail hazardous waste compliance. 

Gas Station Program/Water Draws:

US Ecology's industrial cleaning and maintenance group operates with a fully trained and experienced staff, using specialized equipment and materials to handle all levels and types of gas station cleaning, including gas tank storage water draws.


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