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Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

US Ecology owns and operates hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDF) across the country.  These facilities are highly regulated at both Federal and State levels.  Regulatory compliance is part of our company’s culture.  Our programs emulate this aspect of our company’s culture on behalf of our customers.  All services we provide have some aspect of regulatory compliance whether it is internal (company defined) or external (Federal, State or local).  US Ecology’s goal is 100% regulatory compliance 100% of the time.  

Our real-time online data platform is available for you to use as an important environmental compliance reporting tool required by federal and state agencies.  Our customers are able to view waste volume data down to the store level, track waste profiles, examine manifests and view invoices online.  

US Ecology also offers the highest level of insurance and indemnifications in the industry.  To offer this liability assurance, US Ecology subjects our strategic partners to a stringent internal audit by our Environmental Regulatory staff.  This process benefits our customers by properly qualifying service providers and ensuring the site of final disposition is in full compliance with all required licenses and permits.


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