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Waste Minimization & Pollution Prevention

As a leading provider of comprehensive waste management services, US Ecology promotes policies designed to enhance the environment and encourage waste reduction and recycling.  US Ecology is an industry leader in understanding the best available recycling and disposal technologies.  We find that this commitment to sustainability aligns our programs with our customers’ high standards for environmental excellence and responsibility.   

US Ecology programs are driven by Pollution Prevention (P2) and the “3R” model of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, delivering a sustainable waste management hierarchy.  Today more than ever, our customers are determined to differentiate themselves from their competition by proving to their own customers and communities their commitment to P2. US Ecology is a leader in meeting the goal of our customers to achieve a “zero landfill” designation for their facilities while maintaining budgeted costs for Total Waste Management services.   

US Ecology can provide a team of experts to measure, analyze, and evaluate current waste generation practices for environmental impact. Once these impacts are determined, US Ecology works with our customers to develop goals to achieve impact reduction (volume and cost). US Ecology can also help the organization quantify these changes so reduction is measurable and reportable. US Ecology can assist customers in assessing and improving current sustainability practices, benchmarking current energy and utility practices, and developing performance metrics to measure improvements. The goal is to increase our customers’ efficiency without sacrificing safety, quality, capacity, or environmental responsibility.  

US Ecology works diligently with organizations to help them understand and quantify their overall environmental impact. This is performed through collaboration and communication with the client, analyses of waste generation processes, volumes, and spending. This analysis can provide the organization with a baseline to which realistic goals can be assigned. Examples include by-product re-use, material substitution, evaluating current resource use, and determining improvements either by facility, division, or corporation. US Ecology’s team of skilled professionals will collaborate with our customers to measure and track progress toward these goals and provide regular feedback to key personnel.  

This model has provided a history of success between US Ecology and its partner organizations. US Ecology has conducted baseline reviews for organizations looking to move to zero landfill and has successfully implemented programs where compensation is tied to reuse or recycle initiatives and guaranteed cost savings. US Ecology program managers made recommendations that resulted in reduced landfill practices. The result is an organization realizing significantly reduced or zero landfill practices.

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