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Gun Range Cleaning Services

US Ecology's Gun Range Services offer a safe, reliable and cost effective range cleaning service with the removal and disposal of lead, brass, and other hazardous waste. US Ecology's experienced team focuses on safety, are trained to control lead dust and offer a variety of services including:

  • Lead Decontamination
  • Lane and Shooting Stall Cleaning
  • Vacuum and Remove Lead Dust from Ventilation Systems and Range Backstops
  • Remove, Replace and Dispose of Air Filters
  • Recal, Recycling and Disposal of Lead, Brass and other Hazardous Waste
  • Support Managing Compliance & Manifest Paperwork

US Ecology is uniquely positioned to serve the range cleaning needs of major retailers, private gun range owners, military, government, and police customers throughout North America. By using proper Personal Protective Equipment, US Ecology's highly trained team of professionals provide worry-free support  for all of your cleaning and hazardous waste management needs.


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