Protecting the Environment

Regulations established by federal and state agencies provide specific management requirements for all hazardous and industrial wastes in order to minimize the risk of human exposure impacts to our environment.  US Ecology exists to provide sustainable solutions that allow our customers to comply with these regulations and protect human health and the environment. Without the assets and services provided by US Ecology, generators of hazardous and industrial wastes would not have the ability to comply with the regulations or ensure waste is managed in way that minimizes environmental impact.

Environmental Compliance

US Ecology is closely regulated by varying federal and state agencies. We welcome thoroughness, and strive to exceed the confidence all parties have in our processes and facilities in providing high levels of environmental protection.  US Ecology’s highest priority is ensuring its commitment to protecting human health and the environmental is second to none. 

We employ a comprehensive, company-wide management system that establishes how the EHS Department sets objectives consistent with the Company's priorities, monitors its initiatives, reports results and strives for continuous improvement. The management system is an integral part of each team member's work functions and day-to-day operations. 

Facility environmental compliance programs are audited internally on a regular basis to promptly identify and correct program deficiencies.  Consistent with our core values, we conduct our operations in a manner protective of human health and the environment. US Ecology's Environmental Commitment promotes a culture where regulatory compliance is the minimum level of acceptance of environmental performance. Facility operating permits and compliance records are posted on our site in the Resources section.  


US Ecology's Health and Safety Commitment Statement articulates our commitment to provide a safe environment for all our employees, contractors and the general public in the communities where we operate. We work closely with our customers to identify potential exposure and safety risks associated with the waste we accept and value employee participation in our safety programs. US Ecology has been recognized for its exemplary occupational health and safety through acceptance into OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and embraces the principles of VPP as part of our safety management system throughout the organization.

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US Ecology is a proud recipient of the following awards:

VPP Star Worksite Award

OSHA’s recognition of exemplary occupational safety and health results.  


CSX Chemical Safety Award

CSX’s recognition of customers who ship 600+ carloads of hazardous waste or materials without an accident per year.   


Thoroughbred Safety Award

Norfolk Southern’s recognition of facilities that ship 1,000+ carloads of hazardous material over its rail without incident.  

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Quality at US Ecology

US Ecology's Corporate Quality Policy outlines our commitment to providing quality service to our customers. Our dedication to meeting and exceeding your expectations can be seen in all of our services. US Ecology continuously strives for improvements in order to better conform and meet the needs of both our internal and external customers. This company culture is embraced by both the management and employees of US Ecology. 

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