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US Ecology provides full service automotive fluids waste management from parts cleaners to coolants, with available processing or reuse of almost all automotive fluids waste. We offer special cleaning solvent blends, heavy-duty environmentally friendly cleaners and detergents and all sizes of solvent and aqueous based cabinet parts’ washers. We are a manufacturer of a comprehensive line of windshield washer fluid, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), as well as antifreeze/coolant formulations for all types of vehicles, applications and equipment.  US Ecology is the state’s premier recycler of used motor oil, glycols and other petroleum-based byproducts, and offers oil filter collection and recycling services.  We are the exclusive Alaska distributor of the full line of Valvoline Lubricant Products including lube oil, hydraulic and transmission fluids and lubricating greases. 

different colored liquids in containers with lids


distillation machinery

Using state of the art distillation technology, we receive the used glycol that is generated through automotive, mechanical, industrial and aviation industries and distill it back to virgin equivalent glycol as a base for our various ethylene and propylene glycol products. Our glycol distillation plant makes us the only full-service provider for glycol consumers in Alaska – from used glycol disposal to high quality new products. Customers taking advantage of these services improve their company’s green initiatives, reduce waste generation, support recycling and support Made in Alaska products.  

US Ecology’s technology of manufacturing high-quality recycled glycols allows us to produce glycol products which meet or exceed ASTM standards and can be used in any industrial application. We also custom blend antifreeze or commercial heat transfer fluid to customer specifications. Currently we manufacture four different blends of antifreeze and two different blends of commercial heat transfer fluid.   

Water Processing

Non-Hazardous Petroleum contaminated waste waters, oily water from industrial cleaning activities or petroleum contaminated snow from spills in Alaska can be processed at both our processing plant in Anchorage and at our plant in Moose Creek. In Anchorage, water is treated to meet the facility’s Anchorage Water and Waste Water Utility (AWWU) industrial pre-treatment discharge permit. Once treated, it is discharged to the Municipality of Anchorage Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW).  In other areas of Alaska, we utilize portable treatment systems to treat oily water from spills and contaminated snow.  Pending regulatory agency approval, the treated water will be discharged to the local sewer system or shipped off-site for disposal. 


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