September 15, 2017
airplane in the air

US Ecology's Airport Services Division (ASD) has helped  airports coast to coast save over $10 million in publicly owned treatment works (POTW) surcharges through its deicing fluid recycling program. US Ecology specialists collect and recycle spent deicing fluid used in the winter months, allowing airports to avoid biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) surcharges from their local POTW.

Because deicing fluid contains propylene glycol, it increases the BOD load in airport wastewater. Typically POTW's assess BOD surcharges due to the additional treatment burden placed on wastewater treatment systems. The ASD team works with aviation customers to manage their glycol contaminated storm-water programs. The team finds that each situation is unique and customizes a deicing fluid recycling program to best meet the needs of each airport.

Leveraging new wastewater technologies and advanced recycling technologies as well as the extensive US Ecology transportation network, the ASD supports its aviation customers' efforts to meet local, state, and federal discharge regulations or permits and to reduce costs.

By working with our Airport Services Division, airports can cost effectively recycle spent deicing fluid, reduce negative environmental impacts, and can often times  garner substantial BOD surcharge cost savings.