December 12, 2015
men in hazmat suits

Disasters and emergencies come in all forms, from structural collapses to natural disasters to vandalism. When an emergency strikes the most important things are safety and timely response followed by a speedy recovery. US Ecology recognizes these needs of our retail customers and offers a variety of turn-key solutions in order to get them back in business as quickly and safely as possible.

Our customers’ trust has been earned throughout the years by providing quality and cost effective emergency response solutions in addition to the daily management of their specific retail waste program. They have valued this additional service so much that it has become an expected element of each individual program. US Ecology’s Emergency Response team supports customers in the retail sector as well as all other industry and government sectors on a nationwide, 24/7/365 basis.

Before US Ecology begins emergency response work we coordinate with all applicable authorities to ensure the work site is safe for clean-up activities. These authorities range from police and fire departments to structural engineers and can include federal agencies such as the DEA and EPA. Only once these organizations deem the site safe enough for our teams to access, do we begin the clean-up process.

US Ecology has a highly specialized and unique ability to handle and dispose of controlled substances. Our trained and certified professionals segregate items into appropriate secured containers for return to our Reverse Distributor location. During this process US Ecology creates and provides an itemized manifest that properly records volume and type of waste. This is to ensure accurate tracking of an inventory loss during an emergency as well as provides the proper documentation needed for insurance purposes. Our process prevents any controlled substances from being diverted into the wrong hands ensuring that our customer’s products are properly and securely handled.

In addition to our pharmaceutical services, US Ecology also offers the same accurate data management service to general front-of-store merchandise retailers. A count of all materials that are disposed and handled by US Ecology is recorded and provided to the customer at which point they may use this data in cooperation with the authorities and their insurance company in order to replace any loss/damaged items. These important documents and procedures follow strict hazardous waste rules and keep the customer in full compliance with the law.

US Ecology’s turn-key Retail Solutions enable customers to get back up and running as quickly as possible when an emergency strikes. Safety is our number one concern as we ensure that each work site is secured and compliant. Our Retail team assists each of our customers from start to finish and makes sure that all of their needs are met in the most efficient and cost effective way.