December 12, 2022
Transportation incident

Emergencies and disasters can take many forms including industrial fires involving flammable liquid or compressed gas, over-the road incidents, natural disasters, hazardous substance releases and oil spills.

As different as these events may be, they have one thing in common: they all carry a significant factor of risk and unpredictability. And once an emergency unfolds, it is too late for planning or prevention. Thus, it is vital to always be prepared. An emergency response plan developed by an experienced emergency response provider like US Ecology, that is tailored to your specific needs, helps limit operational impact and minimize damage to your assets.

The response time and capabilities of an emergency response service provider can make all the difference to your organization. When hazardous substances are involved, responding even a few minutes quicker can reduce impact and harm.

US Ecology, a Republic Services company, understands the importance of all facets of preparation and response. On standby 24/7, our team of professionals is trained and certified to respond to emergencies of any scale involving virtually any type of hazardous or non-hazardous material. By limiting your risk, we offer turnkey services that ensure safety and compliance while working towards getting your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

With 70 years of environmental services experience and over 30 years of emergency response leadership we stand ready to support you.  Backed by a nationwide network of facilities and service centers our professional crews provide effective solutions for preparedness, response and recovery that protect human health and the environment for any industry.

Why every industry needs Emergency Response

Many might think emergencies only happen to businesses transporting, handling or manufacturing dangerous materials, or companies located in areas that are prone to natural disasters. When in fact, almost all industries are impacted and carry risk of exposure to either natural disaster or operational accidents. It is vital for organizations in any sector to partner with an experienced emergency response provider for peace of mind that any potential event will be handled in a timely manner by experts who ensure safety and compliance.

US Ecology partners with businesses in a wide array of industries. Read below some examples of how we support different sectors.


The trucking industry in the U.S. is steadily on the rise. And with about 70% of all products reaching their destination via truck, it is one of the most common ways to get goods across the country.

Given the number of miles driven by trucks, accidents are unavoidable. Inevitably, some of those accidents, as well as loading and unloading materials at terminals or moving around facilities, can lead to substance releases causing a hazardous incident.

The moment a spill happens, quick and effective response is of the utmost importance to contain released material and minimize the impact, liability and costs.

Transportation incident

Not having a plan in place can result in confusion and additional challenges for your driver in the first moments after an incident. Having the appropriate resources like a designated emergency response provider on standby to communicate driver instructions enables organizations to quickly respond to any type of substance and release circumstance. It reduces operational impact, financial burden and damage to a company’s brand.

US Ecology designs emergency response plans that are tailored to your needs and can facilitate training for your drivers which limits risk and reduces costs for your organization. Regardless of event size or scale, our prompt and effective response is imperative in minimizing impacts on human health and the environment.



Hazardous materials and chemicals are one of the ten most common hazards in a manufacturing facility. Used in nearly all manufacturing processes they create products, they serve as raw materials for making products, are helpful for cleaning or lubricating equipment, or exist as by-products. Spills during use, transfer or transportation of these materials can pose a hazard to workers and the environment and, when accidentally contacting other substances, create dangerous situations. Incidents often have operational impact or can produce damage to assets or property. How serious a spill is depends on the situation, the material involved, the surface it spilled on and the surrounding environment. 

The key to limiting risk, liability and cost is to partner with an experienced emergency response provider like US Ecology. We develop customized plans for prevention and emergency response that suit the needs of your business operations and reduce the risk of a catastrophic outcome.

Additionally, we train your workers handling the chemicals in hazard recognition and what to do when a spill occurs.


US Ecology partners with municipalities across the country, providing emergency response services and other environmental solutions for a variety of needs. With fully integrated services that offer convenience and reduced risk, we are by your side from preparedness through recovery.

Municipalities are at risk of facing several types of events like hazardous material releases or chemical and oil spills that can carry risk of threatening drinking water sources or contaminating our communities. Our rapid response times combined with our expertise in remediating all affected areas ensure the protection of human health and the environment. We support municipalities in areas that are prone to natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfire, as well as aid in recovery after floods. Our crews reliably and safely remove hazardous and non-hazardous waste and debris that could pose danger to citizens and hinders recovery efforts to restore essential services.

Lab Pack

With the capability to provide turnkey waste disposal and Lab Pack services, we can safely take care of homeless encampment cleanup and address decontamination and remediation needs at government buildings, abandoned sites and schools.  And our  Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) teams have extensive experience managing safe and compliant HHW events for municipalities across the country.

Whatever the event may be, we offer single-source solutions for the removal, transportation and large- and small-scale management of all waste streams through our nationwide network of wholly owned and operated treatment, recycling and disposal facilities.

US Ecology, a Republic Services company, ensures fast response times and provides the convenience and reduced risk of one partner from start to finish. Our professional crews are on standby and ready to deploy the right resources to manage your response and recovery needs with a focus on getting you back to business as fast as possible. Contact Us to learn more about our Emergency Response Services. For immediate assistance call us 24/7 at (800) 899-4672.