June 23, 2021
Portable firefighting rail unit

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that an average of 37,000 fires occur at industrial and manufacturing structures every year, creating billions of dollars in property damage.

There are many reasons the events occur, including combustible dust, hot work and machinery, while vehicles with maintenance issues or involved in accidents are responsible for 9% of industrial fires annually. Most often however, industrial fires can be attributed to employees being unaware of the risks they face every day. 

Prepositioned and Ready to Respond 24/7

SRS, a US Ecology company, has been a leader in industrial firefighting for over 30 years, performing an average of 30 to 50 responses annually. We have significant resources on standby, ready to respond to large industrial fires, highly hazardous material incidents, major train derailments and events across varying terrain, geographies and climates. To help customers be more prepared, our in-house expert firefighters provide training and consultancy to develop response plans and strategies before an incident occurs. 

The SRS Advantage

Further distinguishing us from the rest of the industry, we offer an impressive fleet of sophisticated response equipment. We take pride in utilizing our experience from the field and time-proven applications to implement custom design, development and fabrication of specialty tools, vehicles and equipment that address the individual needs and requirements of our customers.

Meeting all standards and any specification, industry and geographical need, our top-of-the-line trailers and vehicles add flexibility to a customer’s emergency response arsenal.

Offerings include:

Portable firefighting unit
  • Response trailers and vehicles
  • Mobile command units
  • Utility vehicles
  • Transfer trailers
  • Air monitoring
  • Decontamination units


  • Product specific transfer hoses
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Custom outfitted breathing air trailers
  • Foam application units
  • Specialized reactive and explosive material handling equipment and vehicles.
Firefighting training

Customized Training Programs

All vehicles are self-contained and ready to be put into action at a moment’s notice. SRS has industrial firefighting instructors available to teach customized training programs for the trailers and vehicles, as well as teams available to operate them during an incident. We are committed to evaluating the latest technologies and providing the safest and highest quality products and services to our customers.

Contact Us to learn more about US Ecology’s High Hazard and Rail Response Service. For immediate emergency response assistance, call (800) 899-4672.