September 5, 2018
man standing in front of a USE truck

US Ecology is only able to provide sustainable environmental solutions for our customers because of the 1,600 hardworking men and women that make up our team. Our professionals are the reason we can deliver Unequaled Service, and we are proud to recognize veteran Bill Fleck, a Technician for US Ecology.

The Technician position at US Ecology requires Bill to be more than just a truck driver. He undergoes extensive on-the-job trainings and hazardous waste educational sessions. This training keeps his certifications up to date and hones his expertise in profiling, segregating, and transporting hazardous and non-hazardous waste from customers to one of our many treatment, disposal or recycling centers across the country. 

Setting the bar incredibly high, Bill pushes himself to exceed customers’ expectations by delivering 99% on-time services in a safe and professional manner. Often, Bill takes additional time out of his normal routine to stop and teach proper procedures to our customers’ staff working with or near hazardous waste. 

“Many times I see a newbie in the back room who isn’t sure what products can be stored together. I enjoy taking the time to work with them and teach them how to avoid a dangerous mistake”, says Fleck. This educational step has helped many of our customers feel more comfortable and confident with the decision to trust US Ecology to properly manage their waste and help them achieve compliance.

Recently, visiting executives at a retail customer location oversaw his routine waste pick-up. Afterward, the customer commented, “We greatly value our partnership with US Ecology. Having this opportunity to spend time with Bill today, someone who is out there on the front lines in our stores, has given me an even greater appreciation of the good work your company is doing for us. Please tell him to keep up the great work!”

Prior to joining US Ecology, Bill served in the United States Air Force for 13 years in the cryogenics petroleum division. He also worked as tanker driver in the gas industry for over 20 years. He currently has his CDL with endorsements in hazardous materials and tanker operations just to name a few. Bill is the proud father to three daughters, and enjoys his collection of vintage stereo equipment to blast blues and rock.

Bill is just one of the many exceptional Technicians working for US Ecology, but we would like to take a moment to thank him for his service to our country, and his dedication and commitment to helping US Ecology be a premier provider of comprehensive environmental services.