May 25, 2022
Republic sustainability

US Ecology has over 70 years of experience paving the way for sustainable solutions that meet the ever-evolving environmental needs of our customers. From secure disposal solutions for hazardous, non-hazardous and radioactive waste, innovative treatment, recycling, industrial, field and emergency response services, to investing in the most advanced technologies in the market to help achieve regulatory compliance, we have been steadfast in our commitment to partnering with our customers for a better tomorrow.

Republic Services’ acquisition of US Ecology only further cements our combined focus on driving sustainability, both internally, and externally for our customers, to better protect the world in which we live, work and play. Now, as the industry leader in environmental, recycling and waste solutions, we are more committed than ever to provide solutions that create a more sustainable world.

US Ecology securely disposed of, or managed, 4.6 billion pounds of hazardous waste on behalf of our industrial, commercial and government customers in 2020. Republic processed more than 2.15 billion pounds of food and yard waste on behalf of residential and government customers. Combined, we ensured almost 7 billion pounds of waste generated by our customers was removed from negatively impacting human health and the environment.

We have also increased the total amount of recyclable materials that moved away from landfills and are instead recirculated back into the economy for future reuse, including aerosol cans, plastics, glass, metals, glycols, electronics, bulbs and batteries, paper and cardboard, organics and more. Our combined strength in now securely handling both hazardous and nonhazardous waste, along with everyday trash, makes us the leading single-source provider for all your environmental needs.

While our goal is to provide sustainable solutions to meet the growing demands our customers face every day, we know sustainability starts at home. As a combined company with one of the largest geographic footprints of landfills and service centers in North America, along with an expansive transportation fleet and nearly 40,000 employees, internal sustainability initiatives are just as important as the solutions we offer to our customers.

Republic Services and US Ecology together remain focused on landfill and fleet innovations, renewable energy production, and advanced recycling technologies. With a goal to reduce absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by 2030, you can feel confident you're making a positive impact on the planet by partnering with us. We also are committed to increasing recovery and circularity of key materials by 40% and increasing beneficial reuse of biogas by 50% by 2030.

As a combined company we remain devoted to using our strengthened industry leadership to better protect our Blue Planet. We look forward to the future and partnering with our customers to help you increase your ESG performance and create a more sustainable world.

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