June 1, 2022
Hurricane damage

With over 30 years of disaster response experience and 70 years of environmental industry leadership, US Ecology supports customers across a wide range of industries with solutions that help prepare and protect your assets and operations before hurricanes strike. In the aftermath, we also provide safe removal and secure disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous material and debris.

For the last 22 years, Shell has selected US Ecology as their trusted emergency response provider for natural disasters and transportation incidents across North America. Shell has a long history of supporting their employees and the communities they live and operate in and has conducted business in the Louisiana area for nearly 100 years. This dedication was once again felt last year when Shell invested over five million dollars in community and employee-related recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

Ida, a storm of historical proportions, severely affected millions of people as it ripped across more than 1,500 miles in the United States. It was responsible for many lost lives leaving a trail of destruction that will take years to recover from. While assessing the impact this devastating storm had on their operations was important, Shell's top priority remained the protection and restoration of everyday life for their people, communities and the environment.

Hurricane damage to house and car

"Millions of people have been affected by the impacts of Hurricane Ida across the region. So too have Shell assets, offices, thousands of employees, contractors, and their families. We will continue to stand by our employees and neighbors in every way we can,” said Gretchen Watkins, U.S. President Shell.  

In a similar effort, Shell provides employees and their families emergency equipment and supplies needed to sustain home life until power can be restored. Managing this operation requires a professional, devoted team. That’s why, for the last eight years, they have partnered with US Ecology, to ensure their employees receive as much assistance as possible.

Packing emergency equipment kits

Designated warehouses in strategic locations permanently house survival equipment including generators, gasoline and gas cans, ice chests, bottled water and A/C units that can quickly be pre-assembled into emergency kits. US Ecology’s professional emergency response team starts preparations days before a hurricane hits, and then mobilizes to the site within a few hours after a storm makes landfall. We manage and run the warehouses and ensure that all equipment is functional, and kits are ready for dispersion.

During the response after Hurricane Ida, US Ecology added additional resources from Legacy Environmental, one of our trusted independent contractors, to help load and drive the emergency kits to Shell employees in need and picked up the kits when no longer required. Care for people is at the very core of how Shell does business, and why they purposefully engage with partners who share their values. The successful cooperative effort between US Ecology and Legacy Environmental allowed Shell to provide additional survival support and resources to employees and their families when they needed it most.

When disaster strikes, trust US Ecology, the number one response provider for over 30 years. Our professional crews are on standby ready to deploy the right resources to manage your response and recovery needs. We provide unequaled service excellence and the convenience and reduced risk of one partner from start to finish. Contact us to learn more about our Disaster Response services or call us 24/7 at (800) 899-4672 to speak with one of our knowledgeable experts.