April 9, 2018
gun range with bullets on the floor

US Ecology offers gun range cleaning to its long list of industrial service options. It is very important for owners and operators of gun ranges to properly clean and remediate lead and lead dust impacted areas. US Ecology's Industrial Services Associates are properly trained, and the correct PPE and equipment are available to complete your specific cleaning needs. With over 60 years of experience, US Ecology is the industry leader in providing environmental services, specifically the disposal of your lead waste materials.

US Ecology's indoor gun range cleaning services include: cleaning range lanes, vacuuming lead dust from range backstop, washing and wiping shooting stalls, MCP range floor, vacuuming lead dust from ventilation and changing filter cartridges in ventilation system.

US Ecology utilizes different equipment and supplies to complete the job, these include: vacuums, box trucks, 55 dm drums, cubic yard boxes, mild acidic cleaner, mops, mop buckets, brooms, shovels, lead swipe kits, 5 gallon buckets and rags.

To learn more information about how US Ecology can help you with your gun range cleaning needs, please contact 1-800-592-5489 or click here.