October 14, 2021
Bobby Breed in Firefighting suit in the field

Bobby Breed serves US Ecology as the Vice President of Emergency Response programs and the Vice President and General Manager of Specialized Response Solutions (SRS), a US Ecology company. SRS was first established by Bobby himself in 2000, providing global Emergency Response Services for highly hazardous and volatile events, such as train derailments, well and pipeline emergencies, ship fires, over-the-road incidents, industrial fires, clandestine drug labs and events and drills involving weapons of mass destruction. SRS merged with US Ecology in 2019 and complements US Ecology’s suite of Emergency Response services. Under Bobby’s guidance, our 24/7/365 professional teams provide efficient and compliant cleanup, removal and disposal of hazardous materials and debris from any type of emergency, from small spills to catastrophic events, for customers across all industry sectors, nationwide.

In his role as Vice President of Emergency Response services, Bobby oversees all efforts to provide safe, cost-effective and compliant solutions throughout US Ecology’s Emergency Response programs including land and marine responses and international events and incidents. He focuses on strategies to ever- improve program performance and raises the bar on our high standard of unequaled service excellence. Bobby’s leadership and extensive knowledge of industry best practices, regulations, and specialized equipment are key to safely, timely and effectively respond when an event occurs.

However, Bobby does not just sit behind a desk and simply provide leadership and direction; he has personally responded to and managed countless incidents over the course of his career. Apart from being a Texas State Certified Industrial Firefighter, he is an Explosive Technician, Emergency Responder and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), as well as a Compressed Gas and Rail Car Specialist.

Bobby’s vast experience and depth of expertise allow him to lead and leverage his skills with the US Ecology team daily. His previous role of Operations Manager and Emergency Response Service Line Manager gave him insight on successful personnel management. And his time serving as an instructor for Special Tactics and Flammable Liquid Firefighting at Texas A&M, LSU and other educational facilities throughout the United States and Canada provided him with the opportunity to gain critical hands-on experience, which helped him build his strong foundation of response knowledge.

Bobby has served the emergency response industry for over three decades, and SRS’s impeccable safety record since 2000 is testament to his leadership and focus on safety. He is highly valued by teams throughout the organization and his unparalleled expertise and knowledge make him an indispensable member of the US Ecology family.

Minimize your operational impact with US Ecology’s Emergency Response services. Our professional crews are on standby, ready to deploy the right resources whenever and wherever you need it. We offer unequaled service and the convenience and reduced risk of one partner from start to finish. For immediate assistance call us 24/7/365 at (800) 899-4672 or learn more: https://www.usecology.com/services/field-services/emergency-response