October 10, 2022
Jeff Bluhm

For the last five years, Jeff Bluhm has been a valued member of our Managed Services Group (MSG), a team that leads all of US Ecology’s Total Waste Solutions (TWS) efforts. Having served in multiple different positions within US Ecology, he now functions as Environmental Support Project Manager in our Technical Support Group, a key element of MSG, supporting customers, project managers and general operations to build solutions that are tailored to our customer’s needs. These customized programs focus on compliance, sustainability and cost savings. In his role, Jeff works with customers and travels to their sites of operation to characterize waste and, when necessary, identifies unknown waste to recommend the most sustainable and cost-effective ways to manage them. He drives improvement initiatives that streamline and standardize processes and simplify logistical efforts.

Jeff and the other members of the Technical Support Group are well versed in vendor management, so when services fall outside of US Ecology’s realm of capabilities or capacity, they work with our network of third-party vendors to find the best solution. All third-party vendors are pre-vetted and uphold the high standard of service our customers have come to expect. All services are managed by our MSG team to ensure that customers continue to benefit from the advantages of a TWS program’s single-source experience.  

Jeff has been serving the environmental services industry for 10 years, having gained extensive environmental knowledge and expertise in roles like Environmental Health and Safety Specialist. Before joining the Technical Support Group, he served as one of our National TWS project managers for several of our large manufacturing customers with locations nationwide.  In that capacity, he applied his background in regulatory requirements and customer service and collaborated with cross-functional teams to find the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for our customers.

Jeff’s unwavering focus on quality, knowledge in regulatory compliance and attention to detail make him an indispensable member of the MSG Team and the US Ecology family.

We sat down with Jeff to learn more about his experiences, and learn more about all things TWS:

What are the main goals of the Technical Support Group?

“The Technical Support Group has two main goals: we support growth for our customers and find ways to continuously improve upon strategies that make operations more efficient, save costs and reduce waste.”


Customers have a choice between many TWS service providers in the marketplace. What sets our offering apart?

“Something that really sets US Ecology apart from other providers is our customer service. We constantly strive to develop tailored solutions for our customers that fit their exact needs and requirements. We achieve this by conducting intense assessments of our customer’s facilities and analyzing their waste data. We also assign key-account project managers to those customers that together, with a dedicated Health and Safety Team, Customer Support Group and the Technical Support Group, become experts in finding the best solutions for them.”


What do our customers value most?

“Customers value their financial and sustainability goals and I believe they come to us knowing that they have a partner to achieve these with. While we are focusing on compliance, limiting risk and reducing cost and waste, our customers have time to concentrate on meeting their operational goals.”

US Ecology offers 70 years of leadership in the environmental solutions industry. With countless options for treatment, disposal and recycling combined with a network of wholly owned facilities and an impressive suite of field, industrial and emergency response services, we are the ideal partner to provide solutions for all your environmental needs. Contact us at (800) 592-5489 or learn more here.