November 10, 2020
Micro chip


Semiconductors are a small electronic circuit that conduct currents and help power the modern world, with their purpose being a part of every smart technology we use across a plethora of industries, from healthcare, communications, infrastructure to security.  Because of society’s reliance on this small piece of technology, it is vital that semiconductor manufacturers have programs in place to ensure safe, compliant and proactive handling of all waste generated in order to maintain daily operations. And as the COVID-19 pandemic increased the world’s reliance even more on digital communications, strategic, turnkey management of waste at these companies is more important than ever. So when a large, national semiconductor manufacturer wanted to identify ways to improve their environmental compliance and increase sustainability, they decided to consider working with a new environmental services provider for safer waste handling to keep operations moving forward.



The national vendor this manufacturer had in place to manage all waste operations struggled to continually offer strategic direction and greater value while maintaining competitive pricing for on-site waste treatment, disposal or recycling. The manufacturer sought to lower or cap fees associated with the management of waste, and look for even greater assistance for on-site issues or questions. And so, despite having successfully relied on the exclusive partnership with their current vendor for years, the manufacturer made the important decision to expand their portfolio of environmental solutions vendors, being fully aware of the additional time and resources required on their part to effectively implement a vendor change.

Fortunately, this manufacturer was familiar with US Ecology’s level of experience and breadth of solutions for complicated waste, from the many times the previous vendor brokered the manufacturer’s waste to a US Ecology facility. So when the company’s Procurement and Environmental Health and Safety teams issued an RFQ for a new vendor to assume waste responsibilities at one of their large facilities, US Ecology was best prepared to bid on the opportunity with our Total Waste Solutions (TWS)



Upon being awarded the contract to manage waste for 13 different waste streams, the Managed Services Group (MSG) leading US Ecology’s TWS programs immediately began the process to ensure a seamless transition that kept operations running. Putting the needs of the customer first, the MSG team committed fully to the success of the partnership. Our company invested time, resources and labor into better understanding the nuances of the semiconductor manufacturer’s business and complicated waste profiles. Experienced US Ecology team members began working on-site, side-by-side and with the company’s existing in-house EHS and Facilities teams. By gaining this inside knowledge, US Ecology’s MSG team was able to identify long term solutions that ensured profitability, increased sustainability and compliance for the manufacturer.

The US Ecology team took a step back and approached the entire task of managing waste from a holistic perspective, not just focusing on what was best on an individual waste stream basis. Instead, we were able to leverage industry knowledge and third-party relationships with integrity, and find customized solutions for the manufacturer’s unique waste streams never considered before.

US Ecology’s strategy of providing an honest, holistic approach with a focus on delivering the highest level of unequaled service through innovative technologies resulted in almost immediate positive results. Facility personnel received the support they had been needing to remain focused on safely operating their business, while the US Ecology MSG team on-site took over the responsibility for ensuring complicated waste was managed safely, sustainably and compliantly. While only initially being awarded 13 waste streams from the RFQ, US Ecology was given quickly the responsibility of managing over 126 different waste profiles on behalf of the manufacturer.




From containerized waste in abatement drums, small amounts of bulk waste, to complicated chemicals that seemingly required refrigeration during storage and transport, US Ecology’s team of innovative experts provided alternative solutions that offered the manufacturer the ability to achieve compliance while reducing costs. Conversations never before possible with the previous waste vendor were now occurring that empowered the customer to take greater control of their waste management, and make decisions that best fit their company needs.

It has been over a year since US Ecology was awarded the opportunity to help this semiconductor manufacturer streamline their environmental solutions and maintain compliance with our Total Waste Solutions program. In that time, we have been able to save the customer over $1,000,000 annually on almost 2.5 million drums, and alleviate their burden and fear of waste handling mistakes. Our dedication and commitment to delivering unequaled service to the customer, while identifying even greater opportunities for safe and sustainable alternatives that help reduce generator status and achieve compliance remain at the forefront of all that we do.


To learn more about US Ecology’s Total Waste Solutions, or how our MSG team can help you reduce waste and save money, achieve compliance and move toward a more sustainable future, please contact Patrick Glover, Vice President of National Accounts at US Ecology, at or our National Customer Service team by calling (800) 592-5489 today.