June 21, 2021
Truck on road driving into the sunset

The global pandemic created supply chain disruptions for many industries. As businesses work to bounce back, it becomes more vital than ever to ensure a steady supply of goods and materials across the country.

No matter what you transport, spills can happen either in transit or during loading and unloading at terminals and facilities. The response time of appropriate resources is critical to quickly and effectively contain a release and minimize the short and long term impacts of an event.

Over the road truck accident with oil spill

Over 10,000 Responses Annually

US Ecology has been the industry leader and number one name in Emergency Response for over 30 years. With a proven program used by major customers in the transportation, government, industrial, manufacturing and retail sectors, we offer unmatched capabilities, key resources and expertise from performing over 10,000 responses per year.

Our nationwide service network has significant resources on standby 24/7 for non-hazardous and hazardous incidents of any size and scale, no matter when or where they occur. Either via US Ecology locations or our Independent Contractor Network (ICN), we respond in a timely and consistent manner to your location anywhere in the U.S., removing the need for multiple contracts and ensuring reliable service and compliance.

Unequaled Service Excellence

Our nationwide average response time is between two and three hours. In the event of a spill, we provide our customers with the convenience of one phone call connecting them to one of our in-house, knowledgeable Emergency Response Coordinators, who then coordinates the response from the initial call through completion. This ensures the timely deployment of the right assets and resources.  

We believe that transparency is an integral part of our customer relationships, offering transparent pricing and consistent cost management regardless of whether we are deploying our own team or using our premier Independent Contractor Network.

Nationwide Network of Treatment and Disposal Facilities

US Ecology’s professionally trained crews deliver fast and effective solutions to minimize environmental and operational impact, handling every response in full compliance with federal, state and local regulations and ensuring unequaled service excellence every time. We offer safe and compliant management of all waste streams through our extensive network of treatment and disposal facilities and have the capabilities to address all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Additionally, we transport waste and offer a full suite of comprehensive Industrial and Remediation Services, reducing risk and ensuring all your environmental needs are handled reliably from start to finish by our team of professionals.

Truck Oil Spill

Contact Us to learn more about US Ecology’s Emergency Response Services. Our experienced crews are on standby 24/7. For immediate emergency response assistance, call (800) 899-4672.