September 9, 2019
man with glasses next to truck pushing a dolly with a box on it

It’s no secret that the US trucking industry is facing a nationwide shortage of qualified drivers, including specialized driver technicians, making it difficult for many companies to provide timely high quality service. So how is US Ecology, the leading provider of premier environmental services in North America, able to overcome this shortage and maintain a 99% on-time service rate for retail customers? By investing in the development of our team members and creating a service culture which delivers unparalleled service to all customers.  

In May, US Ecology’s Retail Solutions fleet performed over 3,000 retail waste pick-ups nationwide. We were on time on all stops except for two. The ability to keep our promises to customers is achieved through a strong foundation of integrity and companywide dedication to the importance of service excellence

“Having partnered with numerous waste companies over the years to manage our hazardous waste, the difference between a US Ecology Technician and other companies is significant,” said a Senior Compliance Manager for a national supermarket chain. “My store managers experience peace of mind knowing US Ecology will be there to pick-up when they say they will be, and trust that they will help us achieve and maintain compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.” 

The first step in ensuring US Ecology Technicians are prepared to deliver this level of effectiveness and commitment starts with recruitment. In addition to offering competitive sign-on bonuses and benefits for technicians already equipped with CDL qualifications, US Ecology also keeps our doors open to motivated candidates without a CDL or HAZMAT certification. This allows our team to identify bright new talent willing to go through the rigorous qualification process to obtain the required certifications to become a US Ecology Retail Technician. The only cost to these applicants? Dedication and hard work. US Ecology covers the rest.

US Ecology is also committed to hiring technicians with industry-specific education. By targeting specific technical school career fairs, we source different branches of talent, such as chemists or environmental, health and safety graduates, with a deeper passion and knowledge of the rules and regulations for common waste streams in a particular industry. Our retail customers directly benefit from this approach.  

After our industry experts obtain proper driving certifications through US Ecology, they are then able to both perform a pick-up and share knowledge of proper handling and sorting of hazardous materials with back-of-store employees to ensure safety for all parties. Store and distribution center managers become acquainted with the technicians dedicated to their specific stores and a certain level of familiarization of the business is established. This allows US Ecology teams to work together and offer innovative optimization solutions that maximize customers’ business efficiencies, reduce generator status and save money when possible.

“My stores continue to operate efficiently and without interruption thanks to the service and value of our US Ecology partnership,” said the compliance manager. “Choosing to partner with US Ecology has been one of the smartest decisions we could have made to do our part in protecting the health and safety of our business, our employees and our communities.” 

US Ecology’s commitment to delivering unequaled service excellence is felt in every step of our disciplined process. From the development and growth of our 1,700 employees, to our 65+ years of comprehensive environmental services leadership, we stand ready to deliver on our promise of uncompromised compliance and exceptional value.

Are you ready to learn how partnering with US Ecology as a single source for all hazardous and non-hazardous waste management solutions can help maximize company efficiencies and result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings annually? Contact Vince Scheerer, Vice President of Business Development – National Programs, at or (800) 592-5489 to learn how easy it is to establish or optimize your environmental compliance program today.
To view open career opportunities with the US Ecology team, contact US Ecology’s Human Resource Department at or (855) 769-7034.