August 12, 2019
car being painted by an assembly machine

US Ecology offers a fully integrated Paint Shop Management service. This service focuses on continuous cleaning throughout the year, providing companies with minimal plant shutdown activity. The goal of US Ecology's Paint Shop Management program is to increase quality and efficiency while reducing costs. The company acts as a tier one supplier for: maintenance cleaning, paint overspray management, airflow monitoring and management, chemical management and episodic cleaning.

US Ecology trains all on-site and off-site support employees to meet all the necessary specified general requirements. We also provide technicians on-site to monitor sludge system water and all chemical and biological activity. The company's trained technicians will be on-site to monitor sludge system water as well as all chemical and biological activity. We will also monitor and maintain sludge system circulating pumps and booth flow rates, assist and/or manage all sludge removal handling, transportation and disposal activities, monitor and track sludge pit disposition and coordinate the annual sludge pit clean out.

US Ecology's sustainability programs will save energy and lower emission all while decreasing the companies overall carbon footprint. The company provides all consumable personal protective equipment and materials and all necessary tools and equipment for cleaning operations to ensure the best and most efficient job possible. We also assist in the sampling, characterization, approval process, labeling, transportation and disposing of waste streams.