November 1, 2018
snowy waterway

In early November, several changes were implemented to the MDEQ Part 111, Hazardous Waste Management of Michigan Act 451. The changes apply to several sections of the act including universal waste, generator rules for manifests, waste codes, and academic laboratories. Some of the changes are simply editorial reviews, such as updating the current tables in various sections with the removal of redundant terms and changing definitions to match their federal counter-parts.

Other changes are more substantial. For example, generators are no longer required to submit a legible copy of the manifest, however this change does not apply to manifests used for shipping Liquid Industrial Wastes as found under part 121. Also, changes to the State of Michigan regulations now mirror federal regulations and require that manifests of rejected hazardous wastes be received by the generator within a specified time frame. Also, the State of Michigan has now adopted the alternative generator requirements.

Due to these changes, the company is updating all waste approvals for Michigan Disposal, EQ Detroit, and Wayne Disposal. As the company advises each affected waste stream, our generators and customers will be sent a revised Generator Notification and a revised Price Confirmation wherever appropriate.