December 12, 2017
aisle in a store

US Ecology has a track record of success providing environmental compliance support for retailers across the country. Our Retail Services Group offers a multi-faceted compliance program aimed at meeting the needs of all retailers. Retail companies are now being subjected to the same hazardous waste rules that many other industries must follow and they are at different stages of awareness and compliance with these rules. Whether a retailer requires immediate assistance, education of the rules and processes, or is new to managing environmental compliance, US Ecology has the expertise, tools, and capabilities to suit their objectives.

It’s no secret that the retail industry consists of several sectors: grocery, pharmacies, fuel stations, warehouses, to name a few. Each sector has unique needs and of course each customer has their own specific concerns that require addressing. US Ecology has the experience and resources to create a customized program that will support each customer in a cost effective manner.

Our retail environmental compliance support model ranges from supply replenishment to complete project management. US Ecology will begin by assessing retailers’ operational practices against applicable hazardous waste rules in order to assess and understand any compliance gaps. Once this is complete we will identify the tasks needed for implementation in order to avoid fines and become compliant. Finally, US Ecology will cost effectively implement these tasks monitoring progress along the way.

As industry experts with several years of experience serving a wide variety of retailers, we design our services in order to assist every size and type of retail operation. US Ecology offers a turn-key program and our highly trained professional staff has the knowledge and capabilities needed to deliver best in class service. Whether it’s full service or simply a refresher on the rules, retailers can rest assured knowing that US Ecology is their one-stop-shop for all of their needs.