February 15, 2017
trucks in a line

US Ecology understands you may have a compliance program in place, with years of processes and relationships already established. And while you may experience frustration through fee increases, inconsistent services and data or even compliance challenges, the thought of investing the time and resources to select a more service-oriented company seems daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way! US Ecology has a seamless, thorough and proven process in place to help your company better manage hazardous waste.

When you partner with US Ecology you experience our values—through our people, our facilities, and our work. We are committed to continually improving our technologies to reduce your risk and costs, and strive to continue our 98% customer satisfaction rate when delivering unequaled service. Most importantly, your satisfaction and success matters to us.

There are advantages to choosing US Ecology as your new partner to manage hazardous waste. We help not only dispose of waste properly to ensure you maintain compliance, but we work with you to achieve sustainability goals with waste minimization, recycling, and streamlining of your processes. Our account management teams are also constantly looking for opportunities for program improvements.  These improvements come in many forms, from schedule optimization driving down pick-up costs to active auditing of store compliance reducing risks, we help you get better.

What Does an Easy Compliance Program Transition Look Like? To help customers easily transition from an unsatisfactory waste management partner to US Ecology, our team of compliance professionals has a systematic process in place. A few steps include:  

  • Implementation planning meetings at corporate and facility level to discuss priorities and timelines
  • Appointment of a Single-Point-of-Contact in both organizations
  • Rollout action plan detailed by facility and updated weekly with visit schedule and agenda (include target dates)
  • Data migration and IT integration
  • Development of client specific work instructions
  • Training deployment to technicians and store personnel

While this may seem daunting, it isn’t. Our experts leverage our experience of managing past successful transitions with other retailers and have the tools and templates ready to be put in place to speed up and simplify your process. US Ecology is here to help ensure your transition is easy and allows your company to shift focus onto other important initiatives.

US Ecology is committed to working with each customer to create customized strategies for proper waste management. As a result, retailers receive peace of mind as they avoid further notices or repercussions from regulators.

You know retail, but we know hazardous waste. Contact Vince Scheerer, Vice President of Retail Services at US Ecology, at vince.scheerer@usecology.com or (800) 592-5489 today to learn how we can better optimize your current hazardous waste program and save your company money.