October 30, 2020
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As the disposal and response market leader, US Ecology has been providing customers unequaled service excellence for close to 70 years. November 1, 2020 marked the anniversary of two key milestones that helped us grow to become the industry’s premier provider of comprehensive environmental and emergency response services.

On November 1, 2020, we celebrated the one year anniversary of our merger with the NRC family of companies. Adding NRC’s long history of leadership in the emergency response sector positions US Ecology as the leading provider of standby, OPA-90 mandated response services for the petroleum industry while also significantly expanding our nationwide emergency response and industrial service capabilities for transporters, industry, government, retail and other customers. The Sprint Energy business, rebranded US Ecology’s Energy Waste Disposal and Solutions, enables us to provide essential energy waste disposal and industrial solutions to customers in Texas and New Mexico. The SRS team provides us with the industry’s cutting edge high hazard response capability, and NRC’s international operations have also expanded our footprint into new markets.

Over the last year we have remained focused on integrating all of our operations to better support our customers. This became key as we provided essential COVID-19 decontamination services to thousands of customers over the last several months as we have all worked to cope with the pandemic. US Ecology now has over 130 locations across the globe and is now able to reach more customers with more services than ever before.

November 1, 2020 is also the ten year anniversary of the acquisition of the Stablex operations in Canada. Adding Stablex’s leading waste treatment and disposal capabilities in 2010 enabled us to better service customers in the Canadian and eastern U.S. markets, and was an important step in establishing US Ecology as the industry’s leading disposal company. The Stablex team has proven to be an exceptional addition to our company and is a major contributing factor to our ongoing success. The last ten years have seen tremendous performance from our Stablex operations providing essential support for our customers’ remediation and disposal needs across Canada.

Both of these anniversaries mark truly transformational steps in US Ecology’s history. We look forward to continuing to provide premier environmental and response services for our customers for many years to come. Join us in celebrating these great milestones, and know that we thank you for being a part of our success.

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