June 1, 2018
cans of old paint

Over the last 30 years Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection and disposal efforts have grown from very simple events that collected lead-based paint into full-scale recycling and disposal programs. The outlook for HHW collection has no end in sight; responsible communities turn to US Ecology for support to meet the demand of their residents, both now and in the future.

US Ecology’s HHW collection program provides a safe and convenient resource for Michigan residents to remove unwanted hazardous materials from their homes including paints, cleaners, oils, batteries, pesticides, electronics, light bulbs, compact fluorescent lights, medications, sharps, and mercury. The program helps prevent contamination of soil and groundwater in the community as well as from improper disposal in Municipal Solid Waste (Type II) Landfills.

“Every year US Ecology partners with numerous Michigan communities for HHW collections events. In 2017, our HHW program collected a total of 2,771,767 pounds of hazardous waste at 253 events across Michigan, stopping it from contaminating the local environment”, said Debbie Oleksienko, General Manager of US Ecology’s HHW program.

Residents and municipalities are always grateful for US Ecology’s services. The residents are provided a way to dispose of hazardous items properly and the municipalities are providing a valuable service to their community while achieving their environmental goals. As more people demand these services from their local government in the name of environmental conscientiousness, the governments respond by setting aside funds, collection sites, and volunteers for these special events.

US Ecology is committed to helping communities across Michigan meet their environmental goals by offering these HHW collection events. This program is a key part of US Ecology’s industry-leading hazardous and industrial waste management services. With state of the art technology, backed by 65 years of experience, US Ecology remains the leader in providing environmental services to government, educational institutions, retailers, and manufacturers. Contact your local municipality or look for a US Ecology-run event near you for your HHW waste disposal needs.

Use this directory to find a recycling or HHW collection near you!  Michigan Recycling Directory - https://recyclesearch.com/profile/michigan-directory.