September 19, 2019
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Technology Company’s Artificial Intelligence Automates the Classification of Retail Waste


Boise, Idaho – September 19, 2019 - US Ecology, Inc. announced today a strategic partnership with Smarter Sorting, a machine learning technology company based in Austin, Texas. This partnership offers retailers across the country a more automated solution to safely and accurately classify and segregate RCRA, hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Smarter Sorting’s Single Item Sorter (SiS) solutions suite, including RetailSiS, MobileSiS and PharmSiS, is available today to retailers and pharmacies looking for streamlined classification and data in order to maximize operational efficiencies as employees manage products that are non-sellable. The SiS solutions allows retailers to scan a product’s bar code and accurately identify, weigh and categorize non-sellable products. The intuitive technology immediately provides the employee clear instructions on how to compliantly manage the product for donation, salvage, recycling or disposal.

US Ecology, the only environmental services provider with an exclusive partnership with Smarter Sorting, is mobilizing the fourth state-of-the-art solution within the suite, TruckSiS, which resides in the back of retail service trucks. Whether or not a retailer utilizes RetailSiS, MobileSiS or PharmSiS, all retailers who partner with US Ecology for their environmental needs will experience a new level of unequaled service during pick-up, with individual products now electronically categorized on the component level. When installed across all locations, a retailer will have a true pathway for operational standardization in waste identification and segregation.

“The SiS solutions technology leapfrogs anything else in the industry,” said Simon Bell, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for US Ecology “We are excited for this partnership that puts US Ecology at the forefront of environmental solutions for our retail customers.”

TruckSiS, when coupled with the other SiS solutions, will allow US Ecology to drastically reduce the time it takes to complete a retail pick-up, facilitating more timely services across retailers’ locations that could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars savings annually on service fees. More importantly, the SiS solutions provide alternative treatment or recycling options for qualifying waste streams that will decrease a retailer’s generator status, creating more sustainable solutions for their waste.

Bell added, “With Smarter Sorting’s automated SiS solutions, we can provide our retail customers even greater peace of mind from increased compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.”

"Machine learning has been utilized in many industries to solve complex problems. Smarter Sorting is the first company to bring it to waste, enabling the entire industry, and especially US Ecology's retail customers, to benefit from the trans-formative power of big data. For Smarter Sorting, this partnership advances our mission of reducing waste and increasing the sustainable handling of consumer products through the entire supply chain," said Chris Ripley, Co-Founder and CEO for Smarter Sorting.

To experience unequaled customer service and peace of mind from US Ecology’s environmental solutions, please contact Vince Scheerer, Vice President of Business Development – National Programs for US Ecology, at or (800) 592-5489.  

Learn how easy it is to establish or optimize your environmental compliance program today with our exclusive partnership with Smarter Sorting technology.  

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